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Huadu ceramics is a member of the market economy family, and it exists and develops in its unique way. In good faith conduct, rely on scientific and technological development. We put forward the idea of "adhering to management innovation, relying on technological progress, building enterprise culture, and promoting Huadu to take off". We should use innovative thinking, pioneering spirit and courage to face all opportunities and challenges.
Huadu ceramics in order to convey the spirit of the sea, the water of the eight parties, gather the four sides of the elite, to each of the Huadu people to provide a display of talent space, business friends to build a "win-win" platform.
Huadu ceramic thank all friends of the care and love, we will do well to make friends, as in the past industry, to seek business opportunities and development.
Enterprise values:
Quality never ends
Corporate social responsibility view:
Within the limits and limits of what can be done, Huadu ceramics will persevere in its good deeds, return and dedication to society, and strive to turn social problems into business opportunities, and do well and do well!
Enterprise management policy:
The market of a brand, creating a variety of internal quality, research and development of "three" principle
Enterprise management idea:
The brand strategy, quality Ritsumeikan, varieties - "three" philosophy foundation
Enterprise mission:
To be a responsible enterprise with cultural ceramics, and constantly pursue the maximization of customer value!